Upcoming Bible Study on the Parables

The parables of Jesus are some of the most familiar parts of the Bible to believers and non-believers alike.  These stories are so famous that some of the words and phrases from them have entered into our everyday speech, a good Samaritan, a prodigal Son, knock and the door will be opened and don’t hide your light.  Sometimes though that very familiarity presents a challenge.  We have gotten so used to hearing the parable one way that we don’t realize there are other interpretations of the parables.  For this study we will be trying to see some of the parables in a new light.  While we aren’t going to talk about all of the parables since there are thirty of them, we are going to mix in talking about some of the most widely known and some of the more obscure ones as well.

Week 1 (May 16th 6PM) Things Which are Lost (Sheep, Coins, and Sons)

Week 2 (May 23rd 6PM) Things Which are Found (Pearls and Treasure)

Week 3 (May 30 6PM) Asking for Things (Friend, Judge, and God)

Week 4 (June 6 6PM) Things About Plants (Sowing and Harvesting)


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