Thoughts For January

As we start a new year most of us will be thinking about ways to start the year off on the right foot.  We will be thinking about improving our diets, getting more exercise, better budgeting, and all kinds of other things.  There are probably many things that we can do that would improve our daily lives.  In fact, I know that I will be trying to get more exercise after eating all the delicious snacks that I have received from all of you.  (Thanks again for all the cards, food, and gifts Samantha and I received this Christmas.)  I hope that any of you starting new projects and habits will find success.  If I could suggest one good habit to add: the daily practice of reading the scripture.  Starting at Genesis and trying to go straight through can be an intimidating way to start.  For that reason I and some of the other Pastors on the Mountain will be encouraging a 90 day reading of the New Testament.  There is a schedule of reading available at our Church , on our website and on our Facebook page.  If you follow that schedule each day you will need to set aside between 10 or 20 minutes a day to read the entire New Testament by March 31st.  If we think about it that way: 10 or 20 minutes/ 2 or 3 chapters reading at a time, the entire New Testament seems like a very achievable goal.  If you do plan to start, I recommend choosing a time each day to do it.  It’s much easier to make a habit if we do it at the same time each day instead of constantly trying to find 10 or 20 free minutes in the day.  The other tip is to find someone else who is doing the reading and help to keep each other accountable.  Lastly, give yourself some grace.  If you miss a day don’t dwell on it, just pick back up the next day.Image


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