Thank You

Now that Christmas Day has passed and the Christmas season draws near to a close I will be away from the church for a short time.  I spent three and a half years in seminary learning how to be a Pastor.  From the moment I knew I was coming to Signal Mountain, I have been trying to learn what it means to be your Pastor.  Because I want to serve to the very best of my abilities.  It is very important to me to be the best Pastor I can be.  In that same spirit I wish to be the best father I can be.  I’m sure that any of the parents in the congregation would tell me that learning to be a parent is a life-long process.  Even knowing that I have a lifetime to do something, I still want to get started on the right foot.  With that wish, I will be taking some time in January to spend just with the newest member of my family and getting started on learning this new role. While I am gone, there are going to be some very special worship services.  On January First, the service will be one of singing and music.  The rest of the time I am gone in January we will be having different guest preachers. Brenda Carroll, the district superintendent, Keith Moore from the UTC Weasley Center and Barry Kidwell of Mustard Tree Ministries will all be preaching.  Please come to those services because they are all gifted ministers who will bring unique messages for you. While I am gone there are plans in place to cover the work and ministries of this church. If you have an emergency or major need for Pastoral care please feel free to call or email.  I will warn you I wont be checking all that as often but I will get back to you.  If your not sure your having an emergency or need to call me feel free to check in with Jim. During that time I may not see you as often but you will continually be in my prayers.  I know that we will be in yours.  I hope the New Year brings you as much joy as it brings me.


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