Our Prayer From The Election Day Communion Service

This prayer is from Service and Prayers compiled by Bishop Thirkield for The Methodist Book Concern in 1918.  One slight modification has been made to the language to help it better confirm to make up of our government nearly 100 years after this prayer was written.

For Those In Authority

God of all power and might, the Maker and Ruler of humanity; we commend our nation to the guidance of thy wisdom; to the keeping of thy love.  May the rulers whom thy people choose to serve them, serve thee in honesty of purpose and uprightness of life.  May they never forget their answerableness to the people whom they serve and to that people’s God.  Deliver them from the love of power and from motives of personal gain; from considerations of people or money in place of the demands of truth and justice; and from losing patriotism in partisanship.  Bless them in their ministry with an ever larger vision of truth, an ever deeper sense of the demands of righteousness; that through their faithfulness the life of our people may be guided by wise policies, and lifted to higher ideals and nobler achievements through Jesus Christ out Lord. Amen.


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