July Letter to Congregation

Dear Church Family,

              Late last night I received word from our District Superintendent.  In consultation with the Conference COVID task force the District Superintendent has decided that churches in Hamilton County would be closed to in-person worship for at least the rest of July.  That decision includes this Sunday. This decision is a direct result of the rising number of cases in our local community.  I know that this is a disappointment to those of us who were planning on returning to in-person worship and those who had volunteered to make that happen.  However, the safety of our members and community will always be important to Signal Mountain UMC and the Holston Conference.

              The preparations we have made to return to in-person worship will not change.  Meaning that when conditions change, we will be ready to return to in-person worship very quickly.  We will also continue to offer online worship including this Sunday at 11:00AM.  I hope everyone will tune in because I have heard Nancy and Deb practicing and you do not want to miss this music.

              Lastly, I want to leave you with the reassurance that we will get through this strange time.  God is with us and our community.  I know how much we wish things could return to “normal” quickly.  Please know that we may be in this season of pandemic for far longer than anyone wants, but someday we will gather together again to join our voices in our prayers and hymns.  God never leaves his people in exile, he always brings them back to the promised land within his own time.

In Christ,

Pastor Caleb Pitkin


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