Fall Pastors Note

This week I opened up my house to the fall air. I don’t need the ac anymore and I don’t need the heat yet. When I open up the house all kinds of things find their way inside. I get the crisp fall air, I hear the neighbors in their yards, bird sound better, I smell what is being grilles, and yes sometimes bugs sneak in to. Opening up the house is easy to do and I understand the benefits and risks. The benefits are the air and the sounds. The risks are the bugs. While opening up the house is easy opening myself up to others is harder. I know there are benefits to community with others. People with friends and community are happier and healthier. We all need people to talk to and care about us. We also need to feel important and needed by others. However, the risks of community of opening up our lives can be scary. We don’t always know what will happen. What if they don’t like us, what if when we come after along absence they tease us for it, what if what if. It takes courage to be part of community. Which makes me so greatful to all of you reading this. You have chosen to be part of the community we are building here at Signal Mountain UMC. Thank you for that and I hope to see you soon. -Pastor Caleb


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