Dun Monroe’s Collect

I bow before you who has created me.

As one with nothing hidden.

No desires of my heart, no secret passages.

No room in my soul to thee forbidden.

Take from me all impoverishing forces

With the force of thy mighty hand.

Forces which come between thee and me

Like a storm upon the land.

So sun rays from you Lord my God

Might warm an oft chilled heart.

And I shall worthily reflect thy name

Omnipotent from the start.

The start of time the start of life.

The start of all that is.

The start of Earth, the start of Heaven

The start of all that lives.

Your son has come so we might share

The creations you have made

And provides us through his dying

A passage to Heaven: Fully paid.

-Thanks to Dun Monroe for contributing this prayer to our worship.


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