Don’t Call It A Come Back

Don’t call it a come back. Unless of course you want to. I’m back from Paternity leave starting today. I’ll be back in the Pulpit this coming Sunday. Let me say first of all that I have missed being here. This congregation and its members have been in my prayers and on my mind while I have been gone. I feel (in an odd sleep deprived way) refreshed and eager to resume my ministry among you. I’m excited for the upcoming sermons. I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Second, I want to thank you all for being understanding of the time I took to be with Lazarus and Samantha. I got to see his first tries at smiling, which were amazing. I got to watch him start to hold his huge head up. I got to start learning what it meant to be a Father as well as a Husband. Lessons like there is a wrong way to put on a diaper and you wont have to guess if you did it wrong. How love can help you stay awake till the wee hours of the morning. Moments in time that Samantha and I will treasure in our hearts forever. As we will treasure those who helped give us the space to experience them together. Cant wait to see you all this Sunday.



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